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Mooring fees

The berthing fees collected by the Municipal Port Funds are determined by No. 8122.1/29/2014/16-07-2014 (Government Gazette 2032B) K.Y.A., as amended by No. 3113.11/48682/21/6- 7-2021 (Government Gazette 3013B).

The daily docking fee results from the values ​​of the above tables multiplied by the length of the ship and divided by the annual number of days (365).

Catamaran type boats are charged 100% in addition to the above charges in accordance with the category to which they belong.

There is a discount on mooring and mooring fees if paid in advance:

a. 20% if paid in advance for one month

b. 30% if paid in advance for one semester

c. 40% if paid in advance for one year

For the other categories of ships, the fees are collected by the relevant Port Authorities.


Calculate the daily cost of mooring your boat, here

Water-electricity usage invoice

Tariff for the use of water and electricity

Water € 6.00/m3

Electricity € 2.00/kwh

Especially for E/G-O/G ships and day ships: electricity € 1/kwh.