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Use of public space in port areas

According to the provisions of Law 2971/2001 (Government Gazette 285A), the areas and all the estates in general included in the port zone are shared public estates and belong to the State by ownership, but their use and exploitation belongs to the relevant body port administration and operation. The competent port management and exploitation body is allowed, by decision of its management, to grant, in return and for a certain period of time, the use of spaces located within the land port zone (HZL).

In order to grant the simple use of XZL space, it is necessary for the interested party to submit an application accompanied by a topographical diagram, which will clearly depict the space to be granted in relation to the boundary line of XZL and its exact area.

In order to grant the simple use of the XZL space for the installation of table seats, it is also necessary to present the operating license of the health care store.